Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Country Wedding Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Country Wedding Centerpieces

The centerpieces at your wedding will add beauty and style to your reception. In many cases, though, they end up being thrown away at the end of the party. They are the focal point of the tables, they are displayed in multiples, and in many cases, the centerpieces are the biggest colorful accent at the reception. With such an important role to play, you will want to be sure that your centerpieces are top notch. Choosing centerpieces for outdoor weddings means that you have to take account of the weather and also your surroundings, they need to be a little bit more robust but they will still be beautiful.

 Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Rustic Wedding Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are the most popular for weddings and as you are outdoors, flowers are a good choice. If the weather is going to be kind to you and not too hot then you can have any type of flower you want. You may want to keep the arrangement a bit shorter so that it is stable. Use clear vases for a classic look or you could use Mason jars for a more rustic wedding. As well as cut flowers, flower pots also look great if you have the right pot. You can decorate clay pots with ribbons, or paint them. Choose flowers that will be in season for your wedding as these will be easier to find or you could even grow them yourself – maybe grow a few extras in case they don’t all flower for the day. Use the pots to create a display of a pillar candle and ivy which signifies wedded bliss and then add extra flowers. Fill the pot with florist foam and then secure all of your items into the foam to create a very professional looking centerpiece.

Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Flower Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Mixing your flowers with fruit works really well for outdoor weddings as they look fresh. To keep the centerpiece looking fantastic all day it is a good idea to use citrus fruits as they will last, you can cut the fruit into slices and place these into the vase, then add the flowers as you would do normally. If you are worried that your flowers may end up wilting on the day and not looking their best you could use silk flowers instead. Fruit by itself also looks good and you can use fruits as your theme, if your outdoor location is more rural then you could use the fruits and vegetables that are grown locally to create your centerpieces. Choose one or two different types and display them in a vase or bowl. For a contemporary fruit display use one type, IE apples or lemons and have them in a row along the table, if your wedding reception will be going into the night you may want to add glass votives between the fruit in the evening.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Outdoor Yellow Wedding Flower Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Black and Yellow Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Candles make anywhere look even more magical, use hurricane lamps to ensure they stay lit, or glass votives and garden lamps that are designed for being outdoors will work really well. Combine candles, flowers and even fruit with a floating candle centerpiece. If your wedding is beach themed then use the items that you can find freely on your beach, shells, drift wood, sand, or pebbles and have them displayed as your centerpiece in a glass bowl. These outdoor wedding ideas simply point out that whatever date you set for your special wedding day is a wonderful and beautiful time of the year. Centerpieces for outdoor weddings do not have to be bland, choose vibrant flowers and accessories that fit with your theme and combine them with these ideas.

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