Outdoor Lanterns Wedding Centerpieces

Posted in Outdoor Centerpieces, Wedding Centerpieces on April 24th, 2012 by Latest Centerpiece
Outdoor White Lanterns Wedding Centerpieces Outdoor Lanterns Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor White Lanterns Wedding Centerpieces

Lanterns make a great addition to any outdoor wedding centerpiece. Along the same lines as candles, lanterns can really make an elegant statement. They also  may be safer than candles if children will be at the wedding. And they’re perfect for evening outdoor receptions. The soft glow they cast will light up the garden and compliment your wedding guests. Lanterns are the perfect choice for wedding centerpieces for outdoor wedding receptions as they won’t blow out as easily. In fact, lanterns not only make great table decorations, they’re also adorable favors too. Just place white candles inside lanterns for a casual but pretty wedding centerpiece. For an outdoor wedding reception, the centerpieces are the major element of the decorations. Centerpieces both large and small usually account for the bulk of the flowers at a wedding reception. You can place one large lantern in the center of each table or two or three small lanterns clustered together. Use that piece of beveled glass and place a large lantern in the middle. Surround with varying heights and sized smaller lanterns. This will provide quite a bit of light if your outdoor wedding is in the garden at night. Read more »

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Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Posted in Outdoor Centerpieces, Wedding Centerpieces on April 24th, 2012 by Latest Centerpiece
Outdoor Country Wedding Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

Outdoor Country Wedding Centerpieces

The centerpieces at your wedding will add beauty and style to your reception. In many cases, though, they end up being thrown away at the end of the party. They are the focal point of the tables, they are displayed in multiples, and in many cases, the centerpieces are the biggest colorful accent at the reception. With such an important role to play, you will want to be sure that your centerpieces are top notch. Choosing centerpieces for outdoor weddings means that you have to take account of the weather and also your surroundings, they need to be a little bit more robust but they will still be beautiful. Read more »

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